Probably the Veri best soda in the world.
We thoughtfully crafted our refreshing drinks with only the purest organic ingredients because we want our family, friends and planet to revel in good health.

The Veri Story

Crafting the world’s best organic sodas was a colossal task, but the alternative was not an option for us here at Veri Organic. Veri Organic Soda is better for you, better for the world. In fact, we can say we are the Veri best! Join the Veri celebration of bubbly, organic goodness for all.


At Veri Organic, we promise to produce the best quality products from only organic ingredients with zero footprint on the planet so that we can protect biodiversity and the food chain for all. Veri Organic’s production processes are CO2 and water neutral.

Veri Nice Cocktails

Stirred, not shaken (there are bubbles in there!) Veri Organic Soda’s steeped and distilled botanical extracts of cinnamon and ginger and citrus extracts of orange, lemon and lime and lend themselves perfectly to handcraft cocktails for your next celebration!

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The History of our Bubbles.

Soft drinks can trace their history back to the mineral water found in natural springs. Bathing in natural spring water has long been a healthy pastime, and mineral water was said to have curative powers. Scientists soon discovered that gas carbonium (or carbon dioxide) was behind the bubbles in natural mineral water.

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  • 1767

    Joseph Priestley discovered a method of infusing water with carbon dioxide.

  • 1676

    In 1676, the Compagnie de Limonadiers of Paris were granted a monopoly for the sale of (non-carbonated) lemonade soft drinks. Vendors would carry tanks of lemonade on their backs and dispensed cups of the soft drink to thirsty Parisians.

  • 17th century

    The first marketed soft drinks (non-carbonated) appeared in the 17th century. They were made from water and lemon juice sweetened with honey.

  • 1783

    In the late eighteenth century, J. J. Schweppe developed a process to manufacture carbonated mineral water, based on the process discovered by Joseph Priestley, founding the Schweppes Company in Geneva in 1783. 

  • 1799

    Augustine Thwaites founded Thwaites' Soda Water in Dublin. A London Globe article claims that this company was the first to patent and sell "Soda Water" under that name.

  • 19th Century

    Contrary to the Schweppe process, in the United States, carbonated water was known as soda water until World War II, due to the sodium salts it contained. These were added as flavoring and acidity regulators with the intent of mimicking the taste of natural mineral water.

  • 1892

    The "Crown Cork Bottle Seal" was patented and was the first very successful method of keeping the bubbles in the bottle.